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This live-action Christmas musical adventure for the entire family, weaves classic Christmas melodies with humor, faith, and new pop songs in a retelling of the greatest story ever told, the story of Mary and Joseph and the birth of Jesus.



It’s the same antique story: Boy meets lady. Boy loses woman. Boy and woman get engaged. Lady discovers that she’s sporting the Son of God. Boy— Ah. So maybe this story isn’t pretty a cookie-cutter romance after all. This one involves pretty a piece greater sand than your trendy Drew Barrymore flick. It’s were given historical prophecies and strength-hungry, sleep-disadvantaged kings; angels of the Lord and rather feisty donkeys. It’s the Nativity story. Or even if this version seems and feels a bit different than most renditions do, I’m certain most of you realize the tale well. And it is a love story: the affection among a man and a girl; the affection between a king and his throne; and most importantly, the affection that our writer has for His advent—and the way that love manifested in one cosmos-converting present. And allow’s not forget about all of the tune-and-dance numbers! POSITIVE ELEMENTS Adventure to Bethlehem is an imaginitive take on a totally familiar tale—and it provides some dramatic wrinkles to the characters therein. There will be some Christians who will oppose the movie’s extrabiblical prospers on principle, and i get that. However as we dive into this phase, I’ll be treating the movie’s characters as just that: characters. In different words, they’re creative constructs that stand a chunk other than the actual people they’re based totally on. The Mary we meet here is shrewd, a bit headstrong and deeply faithful. Her dad and mom have arranged a marriage for her with a person she’s in no way even met, and Mary doesn’t like that one little bit. She wants to be a instructor, now not a helpmate to a stranger. But although she’s indignant that her dad and mom are pushing into a marriage she doesn’t want (and makes her emotions known about that), she’s also conscious of the respect and obedience she owes her mother and father. She doesn’t like the choice, however she accepts it. Joseph (who’s a whole lot more youthful than the only we regularly see in Christian way of life) also wasn’t given a preference. But he warms up to Mary fast. True component, because their engagement gets off to a rocky start. First, he have to combat (incredibly literally, inside the movie’s imaginitive placing) along with his personal skepticism concerning Mary’s mysterious pregnancy. Then he have to shield his small own family: He reveals a secure place for Mary to present delivery. Quickly thereafter, he plots a hasty journey to Egypt to escape the evil clutches of King Herod. During all of it, Joseph suggests himself to be a inventive, shielding an extremely resilient man. The smart guys—3 of them, as tradition dictates, named Balthazar, Gaspar and Melchior—do their part to defend Mary, Joseph and particularly their new toddler. And the holy family gets assist from an sudden region as properly. SPIRITUAL ELEMENTS Journey to Bethlehem is, as you might count on, an inherently non secular story. And even though this version of the Nativity is packed with songs and dances and jokes, director Adam Anders and his cohorts tried to honor the story’s holy message. “even as taking a few creative license, the filmmakers strived to stay actual to the message of the best story ever instructed,” moviegoers will study at the end. Mary and Joseph may feel like characters from a musical romcom. But they’ve absolutely been given a sacred undertaking: bringing the Son of God into the world. The movie leaves no question about who the proper Father of Jesus is. Just as we study within the Bible, Mary is visited via Gabriel (who practices what he’s going to tell Mary earlier than greeting her). “God has chosen you to have a Son,” the angel tells her, the “King of all kings.” And when Mary says that’s not possible, Gabriel answers, “not anything is impossible while it’s God’s will.” Gabriel additionally says that Mary is “more blessed than another girl.” We’re instructed that it’s due to her extraordinary faith that she turned into so desired. She reads the Scriptures. She knows the law. Nevertheless, she’s pissed off about why God didn’t clue other parents in. No one believes her tale, after all, and her family ships her off to her cousin Elizabeth’s house in disgrace. Elizabeth doesn’t doubt, although. The older female was the recipient of her personal miracle being pregnant: We recognize from the Bible that Gabriel visited Elizabeth’s husband, a Jewish priest named Zechariah, and told him that Elizabeth turned into going to have a completely special baby named John—a massive surprise, considering how vintage both of them have been. Zechariah turned into struck dumb after that conversation. He nevertheless can’t talk while Mary comes to go to. Whilst Mary expresses her bewilderment, even her exasperation, approximately how this sudden being pregnant has impacted her, she asks Elizabeth, “while will I understand?” Elizabeth smiles. “If my husband ought to speak, he might say, endurance is a superb partner for faith.” Mary’s no longer the only one expectantly waiting for the Son of God’s arrival. The Magi from the East see the superstar within the sky and begin their travels immediately (ultimately arriving very shortly after Jesus is born). But they want some different “historical scrolls” to slender down the precise place of in which this divine King may be born, so they visit Herod’s palace. Certainly, Herod’s no longer too eager on every other king being born in his realm, divine or no. So he dispatches his son, Antipater, to attend to the problem. “It need to not be hard to locate an unwed peasant female claiming to hold the child of a Hebrew God,” Antipater sniffs. Also worth noting: Herod sings a tune approximately the fun of being a king, which incorporates lyrics that narcissistically echo the ones from the Lord’s Prayer (which is yet to be written, however it neatly tells visitors of Herod’s own self-aggrandizement). “Mine is the dominion/Mine is the energy/Mine is the glory all the time!” Herod sings. He actually sees himself as worthy of worship (and says as lots). Herod’s throne is about in the front of a massive lion’s head, incidentally, its mouth open in a snarl. The statue indicates his intimidating energy and kingship. However the film itself may embody a double that means, for the reason that Jesus could later be referred to as the Lion of Judah. And Herod’s throne is ready right in the front of the lion’s mouth, as if it was approximately to be gobbled. We pay attention a reference to Ecclesiastes 4:12 throughout a betrothal rite, with the target market being informed that a threefold twine isn't always easily damaged. Marriage is referred to as a step of religion. Someone is told, “King or peasant, sooner or later we will all bend the knee” to this new King. Antipater confesses that he once worshiped his father like a god. We see Jewish symbols and rites. Marriage is called a “divine group.” SEXUAL CONTENT A critical aspect of the movie—as was the case with the real Nativity story—is the suspicion that Mary had sex with someone other than her betrothed. That would’ve been a huge issue back in the day, and Journey to Bethlehem brings that aspect of the story home. Mary’s father feels that the family has been shamed. Joseph’s parents forbid him from having anything to do with his fiancée. And Joseph himself—at least the part of him who’s skeptical of Mary’s incredible story—feels betrayed by Mary as well. But Journey to Bethlehem also speculates what the early romance between Mary and Joseph might’ve looked like. Mary is not thrilled with her arranged marriage to a man she’s never even seen. But when she meets a young flirt at the market, she makes it clear that she’s not available (though she’s also both flattered and perhaps a wee bit attracted to the guy). The man—even when he knows that she’s betrothed—continues to flirt, and he even buys her a fig. “It will be my gift to a beautiful bride.” Mary ultimately stuffs the fig in his face. [Spoiler Warning] Turns out that the guy is also betrothed. In fact, the flirt is Joseph—which brings us to a curious ethical conundrum worthy of a 1950s romantic musical. When Mary discovers that Joseph and the flirt in the marketplace were one and the same, she’s pretty furious. Joseph was taken, too—and yet he flirted with a female stranger when he knew that he was unavailable. That’s practically cheating on her! But Joseph points out that he was flirting with his future wife, so no harm done, right? And that sets the tone for the relationship we see throughout the film. Joseph seems deeply and madly in love with Mary (whom he officially marries in part to throw Roman investigators off their trail). Mary largely treats her engagement and marriage to Joseph as a duty until the very end. Even when they officially marry (with the mute Zechariah presiding), Mary turns her face from Joseph so he plants the traditional kiss on her cheek. But as she sees what a dutiful, conscientious protector Joseph is, Mary’s heart warms. And the film ends with the two kissing gently on the lips. Herod leers at a couple of female servants as he walks (and sings) through a palace hall. As part of an unexpectedly warm (but heterosexual) greeting, a man kisses another on both cheeks. VIOLENT CONTEN When Joseph first learns of Mary’s pregnancy, he’s of two minds about that matter. That inner conflict plays out in an imaginative battle (set to music) between two versions of Joseph. They punch and kick during the musical battle. A protective donkey knocks a couple of people down. We hear capital punishments ordered. An angel hits his head on a too-short doorway. We hear how Mary’s pregnancy puts her as risk for stoning. As you likely know, Herod will do anything he can to snuff out this rival king. He sends his son, Antipater, to track down the mother. And when that looks like a dead end, he commands Antipater, “Take your men to Bethlehem and kill every pregnant woman and baby you find. Problem solved.” Antipater suggests instead that Herod acquiesce to having a census taken in his realm, as Caesar Augustus asked him to do. The census, he tells Herod, “allows soldiers to search every home and count every head.” (Those who know the story know that Herod did make good on his bloody threat after Joseph, Mary and Jesus were safely on their way to Egypt.) CONCLUSION What’s the reason for the season? Jesus, of course. Every priest, pastor and trustworthy Christian will let you know that. And, of direction, the focus ought to be at the Son of God, right? Inside the Bible, every person wants to see the Christ infant—even people who suggest Him harm. In Nativity displays, all eyes are at the manger. Assume a newborn infant snags the highlight in the course of own family reunions? Consider a new child who’ll store the universe. But in stories approximately the Nativity, our recognition is pulled somewhere else, and understandably so. Because Jesus doesn’t have a variety of lines in this stage of His life, our attention is drawn to the ones dad and mom. We marvel what they have to’ve concept approximately that stable-based totally miracle. And maybe we wonder what their lives had been like, earlier than and after. In Nativity scenes and traditional art work, Mary and Joseph look so serene, so peaceful. And yet, given the chaos and threat round them, they had been likely whatever but. All through Easter, we witness Jesus’ divinity—the soul-saving power of His sacrifice and resurrection. But during Christmas, we’re given an opportunity to reflect onconsideration on His humanity—because we meet His human dad and mom. Journey to Bethlehem is one of the maximum uncommon Nativity stories you’ll see. Mary sings approximately organized marriages. Roman infantrymen dance. Herod (played with the aid of Antonio Banderas) glowers and leers, and, allow’s be honest, hams it up, too. Journey to Bethlehem is the Nativity tale crossed with excessive college Musical. And for a few, this fanciful telling can be just too fanciful to embody. All of us who thinks the chosen went too a ways in its more-biblical imaginings … well, just wait ‘til you spot a Broadway-style dance quantity in an ancient Judean market. However for me, it really works, and i’ll inform you why. Because it opens the primary chapter on what the movie itself calls “the finest tale ever told,” journey to Bethlehem allows its camera to linger on youngsters who had large goals in their personal. Mary, a lover of Scripture, desired to be a teacher. Joseph wistfully desires he could invent stuff. The two are thrown collectively and given not a single say inside the matter. Their reactions aren’t that far eliminated from what ours might be: anger, confusion, exasperation, even a bit little bit of heartbreak. Mary moans about this drastic turn in her existence. “is this what I’m selected for?” She sings. “I idea i was meant for more.” And, of route, she turned into. God had a ways larger plans for her than she may want to likely have imagined. As I stated on the outset, the Nativity has usually been a love story—the love of a writer for His introduction. However journey to Bethlehem reminds us that there’s every other love in play: the love of a person for a lady, of (sooner or later) a lady for a man. And then there’s the love they both have for their very unique, very human, very divine Son. We are able to never fully apprehend God’s love for us—its depth and breadth and astounding energy. However the love located in a own family? Yeah, we can draw close that. And through the Nativity’s very human avatars—even people who sing and dance—we get just a trace of God’s love for us.


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