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An activist hq journal for activists by activists

Our Community Blog is transitioning to a traditional journal format. Forward is the Activist HQ's annual journal where activists and community advocates can come together to discuss the road ahead - be that the challenges they are facing, strategies for advocacy, or other facets of change. The format of a journal supports thought out submissions to ensure a quality discussion. The editing team reserves the right to not accept submissions for not following our community guidelines or other reasons - though we will work with submitters to prepare their work for submission! We are currently preparing our first issue for release in December 2021! The submission deadline is November 31st, 2021.

Support a cause

Discuss the background behind an issue you care about, the logistics of the movement, list sources, and more!

Tell a story

Stories connect us with others. They draw out our empathy. They also serve to establish collective witness.

Raise a criticism

Provide the other side to an issue - or several. Help make others' arguments stronger. This is a platform for discovering the way forward.

Ask for advice

Ask our editors and the community for advice on how to address a particular issue you or your community is facing.

Letters from the community

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