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Activist Network

a community of people moving the world forward

The Activist Network is a platform for connecting with other stakeholders to share ideas, find partners, and network professionally. There are a plurality of activists working to advocate for change on behalf of their communities, each with their own approach to problem solving and engineering solutions to the challenges those communities face. Having groups work together to address these challenges introduces new perspectives which can provide the right working pieces.

No upcoming events at the moment

You can also join our community by creating a profile and interacting directly with members! You can:

  • Join the movements and issues you care about

  • Feature the kinds of projects you've been involved in, and are looking to get involved in

  • Join in our Mission Control challenges to learn and earn points towards funding community projects or discounts on your own for-cause advocacy equipment (tents, signs, posters, mailers, etc.

  • Track your activities and compete in monthly competitions to win badges and prizes

  • Access additional free resources on Activist HQ

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This could be you

We are a community linked by two things:

the desire to make things better,

and the knowledge that we can.

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