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Food Systems Clearinghouse

Project Abstract

Excerpt from Project Proposal

The Food Systems Coalition of Greater Gainesville (FSC) is a grassroots networking organization seeking to improve the accessibility, justice, and sustainability of our local food system by facilitating collaboration and information-sharing among diverse stakeholders. We strive to build the capacity of our community to address complex issues of food access and food sovereignty that impact us all. To be successful in our mission and develop solutions contextualized for our community, the FSC acknowledges the need to arm ourselves with as much information as possible about the needs, assets, and barriers in our local food system, as well as lessons learned from previous efforts. Through this proposed project, we seek to

expand the reach and transparency of the FSC by developing a publicly accessible website

where informational resources relevant to the food systems of North Central Florida can be

stored and shared amongst our community.

The full Project Proposal can be viewed here:

Project Proposal - FSC Website & Research Clearinghouse.docx
Download PDF • 102KB

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